Voglia di Pizzi

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Silvia Maccioni was born in 1963 in Montecatini Terme (PT). In addition to raise three children he worked for years in the sector of laundry home. The preparation, the manuality has made that Silvia over the years is specialized in the production of articles of all kinds.

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From curtains to accessories (glass curtains, but also for staff room, bedroom etc.) Items for the room (quilts, sheets, linen and tulle centers etc.), bathroom (floor mats, accessory pocket, toilet roll holder).

Bath towels and bathrobes also customized, items for the kitchen (chair cushions with covers back, coordinated with centerpieces, tablecloths, under sinks, towels, chair clothes, patchwork mats etc.) Coatings for lamps etc. The experience accumulated over the years, combined with a passion for classic d├ęcor and original set, convinced Silvia to do something more. And was born the workshop Voglia di... Pizzi. Combining a high-precision work, creativity and quality fabrics, Silvia realizes creations typical Italian craftsmanship and originality. A key part of the work is communication with the customer: choosing fabrics, patterns and personal finish, the customer gets a unique product.